Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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The Hermannsburg 2016 Highland games saw 21 teams gather together, to participate in a fun weekend of Scottish games.
18 Mixed teams, Two ladies teams and one special needs team gave their hearts and soul into a fun packed weekend, which included ten different Scottish games.
These included:
Tossing the Cabre
Stone throw
Bail throwing
Pole salmon
The McLegionaires consisting of Hannover and Bergen RBL members joined together and gave their all. We came a respectable 13 out of 21 teams this was four places better than last year.
Weather was great the atmosphere spectacular and everyone had a great time, with live concerts, live dancing, alcohol, British stalls and lets not forget the dog shows, sheep herding, pony rides.

So with the stage set we look forward to moving onto next year.

You can see many more images in our photo album section.

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